Cloud Bigtable Replication

Cloud Bigtable is Google's NoSQL Big Data database service.
The launch of Replication Beta provides customers with higher availability and reliability and decreased latency.

Blog post: Regional replication for Cloud Bigtable now in beta
Official Google Cloud Platform announcement


I've worked on Cloud Bigtable since before the General Availability launch about 3 years go and led UX of this feature from inception to completion.

I worked closely with another designer using pair design methodology.

Throughout this projects, I also worked closely with over a dozen cross-functional partners, including product managers, back end and front end engineers, UX designers, researchers and writers, tech writers, and program managers, as well as leadership.

Use cases



Some bonus responsibilities


We developed the concept to help users understand, manage, and control requests in a multi-cluster setup.

Data is automatic replicated between clusters, regardless of app profile configurations.


This feature is critical for adoption and increased usage by many new and existing customers.

Metrics can't be shared for confidentiality reasons.

“Cloud Bigtable replication helps us simplify replication setup where we don't have to do the dirty work ourselves. Most importantly, it saves us development time and gives us peace of mind that our data is safely and correctly replicated.”

— Aleksandar Aleksandrov, Data Engineer, MessageBird

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