Hi! I'm Hannah Johnston, a Canadian UX designer working on Google Cloud Storage in NYC.

Photo of Hannah looking pensive

I previously designed features for Google Search, including finance answers, nutrition information, dictionary definitions, movie showtimes, and various calculators.

My background is in Information Technology and Information Systems Science. I worked with physical input systems and made active video games. I continue to be interested in information visualization and ubiquitous computing.

In my spare time I mix music and take ugly walks.


Geniuses of Primetime TV (2015)

The Wire meets Degrassi Junior High Video Mashup (2014)

The Complex Emotions of Johnny Utah in American Action Film, Point Break (2013)

Auditory Commute My Daily Commute in Sound (2013)

Pony-Making 101 Intro to Animatronics (2009)

How to be a Grown-Up (Like a Pro) Blog (2011-present?)

Emerson Translator Terrible Daughter (2010)

Sensor Networs for Active Play (SNAP) Game System (2008)

Emocapsule Interactive Art Installation (2008)

Samgee's Flower Animated Short (2007)

Miscellaneous Projects Image Gallery (2003-present)

Some of my Favourite Photos Image Gallery (2001-present)



with questions, comments, haikus, or just say to say hello: hannahj@gmail.com

I'm also on Twitter: hannahjdotca

Last updated: June 2015